The Sleeping Beauty


Lost in dreams of a love that’s not to return; she remains my queen.

In dreams, she once held sway, my heart’s delight,
The sleeping beauty, now a faded light.
Each time I’d close my eyes, her face would gleam,
Yet all along, it was but a dream.
Night after night, her image in my mind,
A hopeful sign, love’s calling,
I was blind.Back to the fight,
I thought you’d beckon me,
But love’s cruel jest was clear for me to see.
You’re not returning, truth I’ve come to know,
A harsh refrain, echoes of no, no, no.
A bitter pill, reality’s stern check,
Your love’s for another, I’m a mere speck.
Yet still, I cherish love’s sweet, fleeting scene,
In dreams, you’ll forever be my queen.

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