Raatba : My Sweetest Sister

Raatba, Sister Not by Blood but Love. Her Spirit, a Beacon in the Night. Her Love, Unconditional, Soothes Fears, a Bond Beyond Birth.
Raatba, a sister by love, not blood; her radiant spirit soothes all fears.

Raatba, sister not by blood but love. Her spirit, a beacon in the night. Her love, unconditional, soothes fears, a bond beyond birth.


In the grand tapestry of life so vast,
Emerges Raatba, my sister so dear.
An unexpected bond, steadfast and vast,
Born not of blood, but love that’s clear.

Her spirit, a melody sung by a lark,
Youthful and radiant, creative and bright.
In the canvas of life, she leaves her mark,
A beacon of love in the darkest night.

God’s plans were woven, unseen by our eyes,
Through life’s many turns, smiles and tears.
A bond beyond birth, a pleasant surprise,
A sister’s love that soothes all fears.

Unconditional, her love never bends,
It yearns for the best, defends without end.
Had I known this love, this precious trend,
I’d yearn for a sister, a forever friend.

The past is barren, a sisterless scene,
Yet I’m grateful for the joy unseen.
For Raatba, though not of shared gene,
Is more than a sister, she is my serene.

Additional information


Digital Art

Tools Used

Graphic Tablet, Photoshop, Desktop Computer

Art Style

Pencil Sketch


Portrait, Beauty





Application Software

Adobe Photoshop CC 2021

Graphic Tablet


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