Expert Engineer. Solved complex SIP integration! A+ service

Our phone system was a nightmare! Ghost calls plagued us thanks to a problematic SIP trunk integration. We spent ages troubleshooting, feeling lost in a technical maze. Enter RooSho! Their expertise in SIP integration was a lifesaver.

They didn’t rush in with a one-size-fits-all fix. Instead, RooSho listened patiently, meticulously understanding our specific issues. This gave us immense confidence – they weren’t just treating the surface, they were after the root cause.

And fix it they did! Their solution was brilliant, completely eliminating the ghost calls. Communication throughout? Fantastic – clear, professional, and always prompt. They even created a training video to ease our team’s transition to the improved system.

RooSho is an absolute gem. Their expertise, patience, and clear communication were a game-changer. They not only solved our problem, but gave us peace of mind knowing our phone system is in good hands. We’ll be calling on RooSho for any future telephony needs – no question!

Peter Montanez

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Peter Montanez
Commercial Insurance Consultant

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Professional 3CX expert with great Technical and Communication skills

– Jonathan Movitz
Co Founder & General Manager (Community Engagement & Relationship Building)
One Love Community Care (OLCC)

Outstanding Collaboration and Exceptional Results

– Md. Abdur Rahim
Chief Engineer
University of Rajshahi

Exceptional Creativity Meets Client-Centric Service

– Mamun-Or-Rashid
Managing Director
Riverine Stitchers Ltd.

Expert Engineer. Solved complex SIP integration! A+ service

– Peter Montanez
Commercial Insurance Consultant
NY Insurance Consultant

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